Engine Driven, Hydraulic Feed Chippers


The Model 818 is a single feed roll unit with an 18" x 18" infeed opening. Designed for mountains of brush and large branches, this chipper feeds up to a rate of 65' SAL NEEDS TO CHECK THIS per minute, and is almost impossible to keep up with. Horse power options range from 127HP - 140HP diesel engine packages with lockable engine enclosures. Live Hydraulics, 9,000 lb. Heavy Duty Jack, Dual 5,000 lb. Capacity Axles, Electric Brakes, Wide Tires, 360 Degree Exhaust Chute and Heavy Duty Fenders with Light Enclosures, are all part of the standard base unit. The Model 818 has dual reversible, sharpenable bed knives and utilizes 1/2" thick double sided chip blades. All tanks and boxes are lockable, and all tanks have drain plugs.

OPTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS: (Click on the Specification tab below to view the full specifications and all the options that are available.)

  • Lower Feed Roll (This option upgrades the single feed roll to a dual feed roll)
  • Speed Sensing (Single Feed Roll Unit)
  • Speed Sensing with Auto Reverse (Dual Feed Roll Unit)
  • Hydraulic Feed Roll Lift with Down Pressure
  • Safety Light Package
  • Adjustable Height Exhaust Chute
  • 360 Degree Hand Crank Exhaust Chute
  • Easy Adjust Exhaust Flap
  • High Speed Winch
  • Dirt Drop Infeed Grate
  • Flashing Amber Warning Light
  • Flashing Amber Warning Light Mount
  • Fold Down Infeed Tray