Mini Paver

Mini-Asphalt Paver, Rubber Tire Version


Salsco has been manufacturing the Mini-Asphalt Rubber Tire Paver for almost 30 years, and it has been a very useful, productive and time and labor saving unit for many asphalt contractors, municipalities and golf courses. Sidewalks, Golf Cart Paths, Walkways and much more. Paving width is from 36" to 72", at a paving speed up to 50' per minute. Check out our Side Dump Bucket, a super easy way to load the Mini-Paver.


Mini-Track Paver

The Go-Anywhere Mini-Paver. Sidewalks, Cart Paths, Walking Trails, Trenches, anything 36" up to 72" wide. Hydraulic Tilt Split Hopper, Extra Large Cut Off Door with two cylinder and flow regulators that open the door evenly and smoothly, Hydraulic End-Gates move in and out, and two 9" Cast Augers, independently operated both forward and reverse. All the controls are on the rear of the machine and easy to access from either side. 14HP Hatz Diesel Engine is standard. Adjustable tracks that hydraulically move in and out are optional.