Dual Fuel Forklift

Dual Fuel Forklift


To meet multiple demand by our customers, ShangLi design and manufacture dual fuel(LPG or Gas) forklift with world famous engine MITSUBISHI to provide moderate power, high reliability, low fuel consumption and low noise. Meanwhile, it is required EPA certificate.Our LPG container utilizes IMPCO technology to supply safe in every detail.
These types sale well in America area and operate well in many applications.



Innovation Power Train System
(This function belongs to option not for standard model)
ShangLi Internal combustion forklift utilize innovation power train system - PSD axle for some special order or high demand applications.

PSD Axle Technical Advantage

New auto-parking brake system - Wet Brake
- In an emergency, this Brake System stops vehicles automatically
More Compact
New Service Brake System
- Simplify the service brake system
Compact size & Flexible mounting (50% less weight & volume)
- A transmission is built inside axle housing
More Functional
- Adopting a one way clutch to prevent it from rolling back on the slop

Complete Hydraulic Steering System
- Eliminate friction and prevent over turning and resilience
- Reduce components and maintenance
- Lower noise and less inner leakage
- A little amount of oil ensure the diversion much easier and more flexible

Intelligent Instrument Clusters
Self-diagnose and high accuracy sensor remind operator for regular service and increase safety.

High Air Intake
Air intake in high position which keep away dirt and improve engine efficiency and operate life