Electric Forklift

Electric Forklift

ShangLi electric forklift includes two different designs: a three-wheel design ideal for precision load placement in tight spaces; and a four wheel forklift.
We give customers reliable control system for AC or DC power with ZAPI and SME. Furthermore, the high performance battery FAAM and HOPPECKE used in our electric forklift which can supply more powerful and stable working environment.


100% AC Power
The advanced and reliable AC Power control system, which save your cost for parts replacement. Our AC system show good performance of automatic transmission, lifting speed, Auto-deceleration and anti-rollback function. Moreover, the overheating protection and over current protection guards the security of motor and electronic control system. The self-diagnostics function provides great convenience for maintenance of the forklifts.

High Performance Battery

Intelligent Instrument clusters
Self-diagnose and high accuracy sensor remind operator for regular service and increase safety. Three pre-set operating modes.

Waterproof Model
ShangLi electric forklift meets the IPX3 waterproof standard with the meticulous considerations in it's proportional hydraulic control valves, control micro-switches, potentiometers as well as control signal circuits. With the reliable waterproof design, the trucks can easily be washed with running water.