7200 PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower

Features like adjustable suspension seats, extra legroom, and well-located controls are necessities when it comes to doing a good job. They allow an operator to focus on the task at hand, and perform at a higher level. Take the steering system on the 7200, 7400 and 8800. With minimal effort, it allows striping a rough or trim area just like a green or fairway. It’s just one of dozens of conveniences first suggested to us by crew members themselves.


Key Specifications

Engine Type Yanmar
Vehicle Traction drive Hydrostatic pump to wheel motors; GRIP All Wheel Drive traction system engaged during transport
Operating weight, less operator, lb (kg) 2600 (1179)
Controls on operator command arm Width on demand One touch switch
Controls Seat Deluxe suspension seat with seat belts; fore/aft adjustment
Dimensions Height with ROPS, in. (cm) 83 (210.8)
Mower Number 3 QA7 reel cutting units
Warranty Type Two year limited
Certification Type CE and ANSI B71.4-2004 select