Gator TE Utility Vehicle

There’s never been a better time to make the switch to an all-electric utility vehicle. The Gator TE can run all day on a single overnight charge, and haul up to 500 lb. with the same Deluxe Cargo Box you’ll find on the TX and TH. All while giving you the advantage of zero emissions and zero fuel consumption. Plus it’s so quiet, you won’t believe your ears.

Comes standard with a UL-approved charger that automatically shuts off after reaching full charge.

Key Features :

  • Powered by extended range 48-V (with eight Trojan® T-145 batteries) electrical system, Gator TE accelerates faster and climbs hills better
  • Golf-cart-style drivetrain prevents need for engine re-start
  • Tight, 24.1-ft. turn clearance circle
  • Directional change control feature slows machine to a stop before changing directions to prevent whiplash and stress on the drive train
  • 0 - 15-mph forward ground speed, 0 - 9-mph reverse ground speed
  • Separately excited controller provides overspeed control, dynamic braking, roll-away control, and regeneration
  • Wide flotation tires, especially designed for turf applications, minimize ground compaction, provide good traction in mud, and flex over bumps for a smooth ride
  • Wide wheel stance and low center of gravity offer passenger and operator superb stability
  • Quiet, electric operation
  • 16.4 cu ft. capacity cargo box hauls up to 500 lb (227 kg)
Drive System  
Motor Wound direct drive
Controller Separately excited, 400 amp max., Anti-roll away braking and alarm. Antistall motor protection. Regenerative braking. Diagnostic indicator. Full torque, reduced speed reverse.
Transaxle 16.99:1 ratio with helical gearing
Electrical System 48 volt w/8 Trojan T-105 batteries
Speed - mph (km/h) 0-15 (24.1)
Gear Selection Forward, Neutral, Reverse
Torque Converter N/A
Battery Trojan T-105
Extended Run Time Battery Trojan T-145
Type Dual rear wheel mechanical drum, auto adjust
Park Brake Hand operated, multi-latch
Front 22.5x10.00-8, 4-ply hi-flotation turf
Rear 25x12.00-9, 4-ply hi-flotation turf
Suspension and Steering  
Front Independent, spring over shock, single A-Arm
Total Travel 5 in. (127 mm)
Rear 2 hi-flotation, low pressure tires
Total Travel N/A
Steering Rack and pinion
Height - in. (mm) 44.5 (1130)
Width - in. (mm) 60 (1524)
Length - in. (mm) ---
Without Bumper 104.9 (2664)
With Bumper 107.4 (2728)
Ground Clearance - in. (mm) ---
Under Transaxle ---
Under Foot Platform 7.3 (185)
Front Tread Centers 50 (1270)
Rear Tread Centers 48 (1219)
Wheelbase 69.7 (1770)
Vehicle Weight - lb. (kg) 1302 (627) w/batteries
Turning Clearance Circle - ft. (m) 24.1 (7.3)
Payload Capacity - lb. (kg) 900 (409)
Towing Capacity - lb (kg) 600 (273)
Type Professional high back bucket, tilt forward
Seating Capacity 2
Seat Adjustment Optional
Cargo Box  
Length - in. (mm) 45 (1143)
Width - in. (mm) 52 (1321) inside
Depth - in. (mm) 12 (304.8)
Capacity - lb. (kg) 500 (227)
Volume - cu. ft. (m3) 16.4 (0.46)
Height Above Ground - in. (mm) 25 (635)
Material Polypropylene side panels and tailgate; steel floor and load guard
Tailgate Hinged at bottom, removable; side panels are removable
Dump Manual, power lift (optional)
Ground Pressure  
With 200 lb. operator only 8.6 psi (fully loaded)
Type Mig welded uni-body, high strength steel
Fenders and Hood  
Type TPO - Rubber and Polypropylene
Type Ferroresonant transformer
Input Voltage 120V AC +/- 10% input, 60 HZ
Input Current 12 amps AC (at start)
True RMS Power 1200 Watts
Estimated Full Recharge Time 12 hours
Other Standard Features Battery discharge indicator, reverse warning indicator, operator presence switch, hour meter, headlight switch, two cup holders, glove box
Specifications are based on published information at the time of publication.Specifications are subject to change without notice.