7500 PrecisionCut Fairway Mower

You can always tell where a 7500 PrecisionCut Fairway Mower has been at work. Lines are straight. Turf is cut right. And even the tricky spots look matchless. And no wonder. With straighter steering, patented cut quality, and the advantages of timesaving Quick Adjust cutting units and optional GRIP all-wheel drive, these machines make mowing even the toughest courses a breeze.

Type Yanmar
Horsepower ---
Maximum rated horsepower, hp (kW) 37.1 (27.7 kW) @ 2600 rpm - *Engine hp is provided by engine mfr for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp will be less.
Cylinders 3
Displacement, cu. in. (cc) 91.3 (1496)
Air cleaner 2-stage dry element
Fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid centrifugal pump